131st Canton Fair

GUANGZHOU, China, The 131st Canton Fair has a grand opening online on April 15 due to the risk of the epidemic. This is the fifth time the Canton Fair kicks off its online platform.

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Committed to its motto of “Canton Fair, Global Share”, the Fair, which has been held for 65 years and has witnessed the development of China’s opening-up, will once again welcome guests from all over the world.

The Fair was founded in 1957 when Premier Zhou Enlai proposed to abbreviate it to “Canton Fair”. At that time, the Fair was the only channel for Chinese enterprises to trade with foreign companies.

In the early 1970s, the ice-breaking diplomatic relations brought increasing influence to the Canton Fair. The world began to get to know China through the Fair, which has attracted some dignitaries, including George H.W. Bush and Edward Heath, to visit personally. Held every spring and autumn, the Fair has continued to evolve, contributing a lot to the trade cooperation and exchange between China and the world.

In 2007, the 101st Canton Fair began to set up exhibition sections for imported goods, and the “China Export Fair” was officially renamed the “China Import and Export Fair”, which reflected the surging tide of China’s new round of opening-up.

Relocated four times, the Canton Fair Complex now sits alongside the Pearl River. Several exhibition halls and relocations are like milestones documenting the glorious history of the Canton Fair, from which China’s resolve and history can also be seen for increasing opening-up and integration into the world economy.

The 127th Canton Fair was held online from June 15 to 24, 2020, blazing a new path for online trading events. In the 130th session, Canton Fair made further innovations with an online-offline integration.

The Fair has developed into one of the top-ranking international trade events in China. The Canton Fair is expected by President Xi to further enlarge China’s opening-up. Also, the Fair will continue to serve as a platform for China to share the beautiful vision of the future.

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