Gangsheng Fire Drill

In order to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, enhance thire ability to respond and self-protection in emergency situations, master certain fire escape skills and organizational evacuation capabilities, and minimize potential fire hazards, Hengshui Gangsheng Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. held a spring fire drill at 16:30 on April 19, 2022.

The fire drill was led by Liu Li, the general manager of the company’s administration, and Yang Jingjing, the assistant, was in charge of the scene. At 16:30, when the alarm sounded, all the members covered their mouths, bent over, and ran to the company square in a nervous and orderly manner according to the scheduled evacuation procedure. From the alarm whistle sounded to the completion of the assembly, shared For 1 minute and 30 seconds, there was no stampede accident. Then, Yang Jingjing explained in detail how to use the fire extinguisher, while a fire was prepared in a safe place for fire-fighting exercises. Afterwards, Du Wenqin, Li Dan, Chong Yanjing, Guo Yan, Zhang Baocai and others used fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.

The fire drill lasted 30 minutes. Due to the full preparation, the participants were skilled, the whole process was quick and orderly, and a series of emergency plans such as evacuation guidance, equipment support, and fire extinguishing was successfully implemented. It enhanced employees’ awareness of fire safety, improved their practical ability to operate emergency procedures, enriched all employees’ experience in dealing with emergencies, and played an important role in popularizing fire safety knowledge and improving self-protection and self-rescue capabilities.

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